Sunday, January 11, 2009

Massage Oil

Once more, I found this fabulous massage oil at the Legaspi Sunday Market. It is made and sold by the same people behind the very effective gugo shampoo with real gugo bark, as I posted here. I also bought from them the pure soap which I use as baby bottle cleanser described here.

What I love about the massage oil is that it is made of ginger. It is not oily or greasy. More importantly, it doesn't leave oil blots on my sheets or strong smell on the skin. That part I didn't like about coconut oil.

The label says:

Ginger Massage Oil
Folk medicine for centuries has regarded ginger as one of 
nature's most health-giving gifts to mankind. 
Modern science has attested to the fact that the rhizoid's oil
 and extract possess anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. 
Aestheticians the world over claim it helps beautify the skin 
by easing dermal tension  that may cause
wrinkles or varicose vein formations. 

The bottle shown about sells at PHP250.00. I already used some of it  once for a 2-hour massage. So sulit.

Anyways, I finally snagged the booth's owner's name and contact details:

Gerry Ruiz Villena
Mobile: 0927 577 2075
0922 471 0741

Gerry claims that he can ship his products. If you need more details, better reach him directly. His small booth is attracting attention at the Sunday Market. Celebrity sightings include Angel Aquino and Cory Quirino. I hope that doesn't affect either its quality or pricing.
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krissy said...

how does it smell? Ü

Rico said...

Yup! Same question. We're currently using the massage oil from Ilog Maria, but as you say, it leaves oil blots on the sheets!

SearchingWellness said...

It has a subtle minty scent with a hint of ginger. Just a hint. Not a strong scent. The smell is not strong or overpowering. It is natural, not synthetic. Coconut oil has a stronger scent. I am at a loss for words, hindi sya singlakas ng amoy ng perfume or ng white flavor. It is subtler. Hindi ka rin amoy luya. :) Hope this helps.

estella said...

wow..i guess that oil is very soothing too..

amiable amy said...

dami mo alam talaga ha...keep it up i wish i could relax and use that

Frederick said...

Hello! " doesn't leave oil blots on my sheets..."
- As the saying goes, "nobody or nothing is perfect," even for The Healthiest Oil on Earth. ;-)

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