Tuesday, January 20, 2009

50 Favorite Nursery Rhymes

In October, 2008, the store Baby Company released the collection, "50 Favorite Nursery Rhymes: An Anniversary Collection" to mark SM's 50 year celebration.  I was in Baby Company at that time buying diapers when I heard this beautifully sang, "Hush-A-Bye Baby." I asked the sales girl how much a CD costs while bracing for the usual PHP300 and above price range. My jaw dropped when she said they were selling it for PHP60 only.

I hurried to the CD rack and I let out a major oohwah when I saw the collection:

  1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  2. Hush-A-Bye Baby/Rock-A-Bye-Baby
  3. Ride a Cock Horse
  4. Hush Little Baby
  5. Are You Sleeping Brother John
  6. Mary Mary Quite Contrary
  7. Rain Rain Go Away
  8. Row Row Row Your Boat
  9. London  Bridge
  10. Hickory Dickory Dock
  11. Mary Had A Little Lamb
  12. Humpty Dumpty
  13. Jack & Jill (Original)
  14. I'm a Little Teapot
  15. Happy Birthday
  16. Alphabet Song (A-You're Adorable)
  17. Supercallifragillisticexplaidocious
  18. Little Bo-Peep
  19. I Have Two Hands
  20. Old King Cole
  21. Hail! Hail The Gang's All Here
  22. Getting To Know You
  23. Hello! How Do You Do
  24. The More We Get Together
  25. Sit Down, You're Rocking The Boat
  26. Three Blind Mice
  27. Ten Little Indians
  28. My Toes, My Knees, My Shoulder, My Head
  29. Eency Weency Spider
  30. (How Much Is) That Doggie in the Window
  31. Musical Alphabet Song
  32. Little Sunny Water
  33. Where Is Thumbkin
  34. One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
  35. Ring Around the Rosy
  36. B-i-n-g-o
  37. Old McDonald Had A Farm
  38. On Top of Spaghetti
  39. Pop Goes the Weasel
  40. She'll Be Coming Around the Mountain
  41. Skip To My Lou
  42. The Little Pig Went to Market
  43. Three Little Kittens
  44. I've Been Working on the Railroad
  45. He's Got the Whole World
  46. Six Little Ducks
  47. Three Little Piggies
  48. Here We Go Looby Loo
  49. Shake My Hand
  50. The Farmer In The Dell
The whole CD was a real steal! Only problem is, I bought only one and it is no longer available after October. So, SM, if you are reading this, please, please make it available again.

 The CD is a real stress buster. The baby  loves it and sleeps soundly after we play it to her. It is a constant companion to our out of town trips. It has preserved my sanity by preempting some of baby's major meltdowns. 


Mrs K. said...

Iris, any chance you can burn it and send it this way :)
sounds great and would really be enjoyed by any bub


gengen said...

that is a nice songs in there my dear. Thanks for the visit...

Stev&Emz said...

i like to have this CD.. those are great collections! I wonder if I can buy it online? =)

SearchingWellness said...

Hi Jigi, I left word in your chat box. My email to you bounced back.

Welcome, MomGen.

Welcome, Steve & Emz. Nope not available online. SM stopped selling it after October, 2008. :(

Amy said...

Hi, thank you for the visit.. very much appreciated.

By the way, done adding you now.. hope you do the same:)

Nancy said...

i used to teach these songs to my daughters before, not the particular collection but with almost the same content and title of songs...and now that they're growing, they still love to listen to it as much as I do...

by the way, thanks for the comment too,glad to hear from you. i'll be pleased if you can subscribe to my blog to receive updates from me and i will do the same to you..thanks..hope to hear from you more often..TC!

CeL said...

omg i want one! sana meron din sa sm malapit sa amin!

Andy Lai Ser Wei said...

wow..this is great.. heritage poems.. those nursery rhymes were during my time as a toddler.. great to compile them...

amiable amy said...

wow naman girl, you made it a point that each title will be searchable for some more info, galing ah... I love this post....very close to my heart

PM said...

that's a great collection! too bad they no longer have it. till now I haven't found a lullaby cd that I'm truly happy with.

OMM said...

60php? sooooo cheap! as cheap as the one I got in divi hehe (pirated oopss)

btw, this post is impressive, with links and all -- ang tyaga mo! keep in up :)

melanie said...

Like you Twinkle Twinkle little star is on top of my list of Nursery Ryhmes, I am giving you an honest scrap award here:http://lifeinbellevue.blogspot.com/

krissy said...

oh wow that's a great find! Ü

Mrs K. said...

Iris, i finally had the chance to sit down and download the email you sent me and i dont know if its pregnancy hormone or what but I was kindda teary eyed listening to them... very nostalgic - simple but it kindda reminded me of how i used to look after my sibblings in manila... haaay and look at me now, singing the same lullabies to my own kids... thanks heaps for this... i owe you one...

sige when you come over here in sydney ako taya... taya sa kwento hahaha... of course we will show you around...

again thanks


SearchingWellness said...

Hello Jigi, I am glad you like the songs. I will someday take you up on your offer to tour me. Hehehehe... Someday.

Hello Pat and Cel, I can email you if you want the files just email me your gmail addresses preferably. Yahoo and other servers tend to send back bulky files.

SearchingWellness said...

Hello Melanie, thanks for the award! :)