Monday, January 19, 2009

Fabulous Blog

Amy of gave me this fabulous award. Thanks so much girl!!! Do check out Amy's website. 

Pat of also handed me the same award. Thank you, Pat. This time, though, I have to reveal my addictions. Uh oh. So here are the five:

1. Hubby and baby. I get really bad separation anxiety when it comes to my baby. Working on that. 
2. Japanese food
3. Internet surfing and lurking at other people's sites 
4. Books
5. Probably shopping, but not that much really.

In turn, I am passing on this award to those who visited me these past days despite my lack of activity. Well, Pat is one of them, but I can't give her back this award. These are:

Ask Ms. Recipe of


PM said...

thanks for doing the tag :D

amiable amy said...

ohh thanks for posting this award Iris....thought you just shrug it off from your shoulder...heheeh....nope, i know you won't, thanks for having the time posting it

SearchingWellness said...

It was my pleasure, Pat.
Naku, Hapi, mahina ako mga favicon na yan. Hehehe..
Hey Amy, nice to have you here.